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Kentucky Does Not Recognize “Negligent Credentialing” as a Cause of Action Against Hospitals

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital, LLC v. Adams, 536 S.W.3d 683 (Ky. 2017) Under the “negligent credentialing” doctrine, the plaintiff will prevail in a suit against hospital when: (1) the hospital owed the patient a duty to insure a competent medical … Continue reading

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Border Patrol Won’t Recognize Marijuana Legalization

While many residents of California have been celebrating recreational marijuana legalization after the Adult Use of Marijuana Act went into effect Jan. 1, 2018, some might be caught off guard if they are stopped even with a small amount of … Continue reading

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Risk Assessment A Proper Tool To Recognize Bed Sores. Pressure Sores and Decubitus Ulcer Development

Tips for preventing pressure ulceration Risk Assessment: Risk assessment tools, such as the Waterlow and Braden scales act as a prompt enabling clinicians to recognize any risk of pressure ulcer development. They encompass a range of factors known to influence … Continue reading

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Recognize the Signs of a Back Injury

A back injury does not have to be sudden for it to be serious or have a devastating impact on your life. Many of the back injury cases that I come across as a maritime lawyer, involve persons who sustain … Continue reading

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Will Hawaii become the 5th state to recognize civil unions?

Recent developments in Hawaii may lead to the state becoming the fifth to recognize same-sex civil unions. (Massachusetts and Connecticut allow same-sex marriage; California recognizes domestic partnerships; Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Vermont permit civil unions). Here are some… … Continue reading

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