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How Long Before You Can Receive Spousal Support In A California Divorce?

This is a point that concerns many couples who are facing divorce proceedings in the State of California. The answer to how long you must wait for spousal support depends on understanding the distinction between temporary and permanent spousal support … Continue reading

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The Circumstances and Standards Under Which One Spouse Can Receive a Monetary Payment as Part of a Divorce in Maryland

Distributing marital property can be one of the most complex elements of any divorce, especially one in which minor children are not involved. Sometimes, in order to achieve a genuinely equitable outcome, it may be necessary for a trial judge … Continue reading

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Social Security Administration to Receive Funding to Clear Backlog of Claims in Boston

Getting approved for Social Security in Boston is no easy process. It is also not a quick process.  The first thing any prospective claimant must do is to file an initial application with the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). Once … Continue reading

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Beebe & Hemphill: Superstrong Trademarks Should Receive Less Protection

I have taught the multifactor test for trademark infringement four times now (using the 9th Cir. Sleekcraft test), and each time, some student has questioned which way the "strength of the mark" factor should cut. As a matter of current … Continue reading

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NJLLA’s Community Service Projects Receive Thanks

The Bethany Baptist Church Food Pantry and the Pajama Program have both acknowledged the great work of NJLLA’s Community Service Committee and the generosity of our members. Read the kind thank you notes here! Read more detail on Recent Law … Continue reading

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