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Court Considers Length of and Reasons for Delay in "Late Notice" Cases

To make a claim for hurricane damage to property, you must first notify the insurance carrier of the damage. Most policies require the policyholder to provide this notice with some degree of expediency, usually "prompt" notice. Unfortunately, most policies do … Continue reading

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Reasons Why People Divorce: The Mysterious Case of the "Lovey-Dovey Divorce"

[Photo from freephotos.co.uk] As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we never know what to expect when divorcing couples walk in the door to sign their uncontested divorce documents. What will be their reactions, or emotional state? In some divorces, the parties … Continue reading

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Four more reasons for inactivity by general counsel regarding law firms costs, building on eight earlier reasons

In the view of Jordan Furlong 30 months ago, for three reasons general counsel balk at making major changes against law firms (See my post of Feb. 19, 2009: seven reasons why law departments do not take dramatic action.) 1…. … Continue reading

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Video: Ten Reasons to Choose Collaborative Divorce

Click the following link to view a video produced by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. The video follows Sally and Lionel, a couple that have agreed to let cameras into their interdisciplinary collaborative divorce process: http://video.collaborativepractice.com/video/default.html Additionally, the video … Continue reading

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The Copyright Office DMCA Database – 9 Reasons to Kill It

If you're a Web host or other Internet service that posts content at the direction of your users, the DMCA is a powerful law that protects you from liability for actions by your customers. In exchange for a few responsibilities, … Continue reading

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