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5 reasons why your law school should send students to ABA TECHSHOW

This last week, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the American Bar Association’s TECHSHOW as a law student. It’s an experience that was incredibly special, although I wasn’t aware of how special it was until I got there. See, … Continue reading

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SEO Efforts a Bust? Here are 10 Reasons Why

You know the importance of digital marketing for law firm business development. You realize that much of your online success — if and when it comes — depends on doing the right things SEO-wise so your law firm website shows … Continue reading

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There Are Reasons to Read Your Long Term Disability Insurance Policy

Most people with long term disability (“LTD”) insurance obtain that coverage through their employer. Thus, most of us are stuck with whatever insurance company and policy our employer chooses to purchase. And while you might think to yourself, “they’re all … Continue reading

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The court decided not to remove these executors – for practical reasons

Many beneficiaries who are critical of an executor's administration of an estate (either rightly or wrongly) will sooner or later consider the idea of having the executors removed from their role. I certainly hear this suggestion frequently, and I assume … Continue reading

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[Ilya Somin] Should We Let Children Vote? The Troubling Implications of Standard Reasons for Rejecting a Flawed Idea

Few will agree with Cambridge political scientist David Runciman's proposal to lower the voting age to 6. But standard reasons for rejecting the idea raise serious questions about many adult voters, too. Prominent British political scientist David Runciman argues that … Continue reading

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