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Ten Reasons Why California’s New Data Protection Law is Unworkable, Burdensome, and Possibly Unconstitutional (Guest Blog Post)

By guest blogger Jeff Kosseff [Jeff Kosseff is an assistant professor of cybersecurity law at the U.S. Naval Academy. The views in this post are only his, and do not represent the Naval Academy, Department of Navy, or Department of … Continue reading

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[Jonathan H. Adler] 8 Reasons Why Obergefell Won't Be Overturned

In tomorrow's WSJ, the Cato Institute's Walter Olson explains why the Supreme Court's landmark decision in OBergefell v. Hodges is not at risk of being overturned, no matter who replaces Justice Kennedy on the Court. He identifies eight reasons, some … Continue reading

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Reasons to Perform a Quality of Earnings (QofE) Check Before or During Due Diligence

As much as we would like to convince ourselves otherwise, accounting is two parts science to one part art. Even the smallest difference in accounting conventions can lead to significant differences in the bottom line in any one financial year. … Continue reading

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4 Reasons Why a Prenuptial Agreement May Be Found Invalid

Prenuptial agreements are legal documents that are designed to help couples avoid contentious disagreements and extensive litigation if they decide to get a divorce. In reality, you may still need to go to court if your prenuptial agreement (or “prenup”) … Continue reading

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YUGE: 5 Reasons Trump Will Win 40 States in 2020. Here’s one: He Will Garner Record African Am…

YUGE: 5 Reasons Trump Will Win 40 States in 2020. Here’s one: He Will Garner Record African American Support. Driven largely on great home-ownership numbers, George W. Bush garnered the modern era’s greatest numbers of African American voters. It was … Continue reading

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