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“If you are really fast and really pleasant, you dont really have to be all that smart”

I love this line from Richard Russeths blog The Last Generalist. As the General Counsel for Leprino Foods in Denver, CO, he offers 7 mistakes to avoid with your in-house client: 1) Email Signature Line I cannot tell you how … Continue reading

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NIST’s New Quantum Method Generates Really Random Numbers

“Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a method for generating numbers guaranteed to be random by quantum mechanics. Described in the April 12 issue of (link is external)Nature (link is external), the experimental technique surpasses … Continue reading

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Banning Chinese network gear is a really bad idea, small ISPs tell FCC

Enlarge (credit: Getty | SOPA Images ) The Federal Communications Commission's proposed ban on Huawei and ZTE gear in government-funded projects will hurt small Internet providers' efforts to deploy broadband, according to a lobby group for rural ISPs. As previously … Continue reading

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Recent acquisitions: really bad court decisions edition

Tarkay and Patricia Govezensky posters, from Romm Art Creations v. Simcha Int'l, Inc., 786 F.Supp. 1126 (E.D.N.Y. 1992), an absolutely terrible decision finding that the "Women and Cafes" style was inherently distinctive and thus had secondary meaning and high strength … Continue reading

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Are autonomous vehicles really safer than humans?

The mere notion of a self-driving vehicle furnishes the world with the exceptional opportunity to profoundly change today’s transportation industry. At the early stages, autonomous vehicles were nothing but a marvel far beyond our comprehension, much like if you were … Continue reading

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