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Is Insurance Really Exempt from the U.S. Antitrust Laws?

In many instances, conduct involving the business of insurance is, indeed, exempt from antitrust liability. So why does insurance sometimes get a free pass? In 1945, Congress passed a law called The McCarran-Ferguson Act. Insurance, of course, has traditionally been … Continue reading

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Hospitals post price lists, but patients still cannot decipher what care really costs

Ever noticed how tourists strolling our cities’ streets not only pause and peer into the windows of restaurants but they also invariably make a beeline for the menu posted out front? That’s smart consumerism, right, and so common sense that, … Continue reading

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Opinion – Yes, Bill Barr’s Memo Really is Wrong About Obstruction of Justice

Lawfare, By Daniel J. Hemel, Eric A. Posner: “In a New York Times op-ed last Friday, we wrote that William Barr, who served as attorney general under President George H.W. Bush and has been nominated by President Trump for that … Continue reading

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How much is your time really worth?

On my walk yesterday, I heard a doctor being interviewed on the radio. He was talking about his book. It was a one-hour interview and I wondered how much income he was giving up by not seeing patients during that … Continue reading

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What Your Medical Bills Really Say About Your Injuries

A lot depends on your medical bills. Your doctors, hospitals, therapists, pharmacies, and other health care professionals can’t get paid unless the bills are accurate. Medical bills are a key factor in determining the amount of your pain and suffering … Continue reading

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