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Blog Post: No-Match Letters Raise 4 Areas Of Concern For Employers

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Testimony: Oregon Should Reevaluate the Proposed Gross Receipts Tax to Raise Revenue for Public Education

Co-Chair Roblan, Co-Chair Smith Warner, Co-Vice Chair Knopp, Co-Vice Chair Smith, and Members of the Committee: My name is Garrett Watson, and I’m an economist and the Special Projects Manager at the Tax Foundation, the nation’s leading nonpartisan, nonprofit tax … Continue reading

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There are Better Ways to Raise Revenue in Oregon Than a Gross Receipts Tax

This week, Oregon’s Legislative Revenue Office (LRO) provided economic projections to the Joint Committee on Student Success Subcommittee on Revenue to assess the impact of a proposed gross receipts tax on Oregon’s economy. The committee is interested in raising about … Continue reading

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Sanders’ Estate Tax Plan Won’t Likely Raise the Revenue Intended

Today, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced a plan to make the estate tax more progressive, in hopes that this wealth transfer tax will raise as much as $315 billion over ten years, and as much as $2.2 trillion over the … Continue reading

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Letters raise concerns about changes to the bar pass accreditation standard

Early next week, the ABA House of Delegates will again vote on whether to approve a revised bar passage accreditation standard [Standard 316]. The Society of American Law Teachers and the ABA Diversity Entities both have written to the ABA … Continue reading

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