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Common Questions: How to Establish US Trademark Rights

This is Part I in a series on establishing use in commerce in the US for federal trademark purposes. Part II will discuss how to prove use in commerce and what kinds of specimens qualify. Part III will discuss a … Continue reading

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Should You Object to Compound Questions?

A question to a witness is objectionable on the ground that it’s compound if it joins two or more questions with the disjunctive “or” or the conjunctive “and.” But it may not always make sense to object. Here’s a look … Continue reading

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How to Address Compensation Questions During the Interview Process

If you are interviewing for in-house counsel jobs, compensation questions will inevitably arise during the interview process. How do you handle compensation questions? Listen to what the attorney search consultants at Grayson Allen have to say about the subject, as their … Continue reading

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Looking to enter the U.S.? First, answer a few questions…

This bit is from Foil Arms and Hog, an Irish sketch comedy group. Nicely played, gentlemen. Nicely played. -KitJ Read more detail on Recent Immigration Law posts –

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The Sapin Decree on digital advertising services has come into force. It nevertheless raises several questions regarding its implementation.

The much-awaited Decree No. 2017-159 of February 9, 2017 on digital advertising services (the “Sapin Decree”) has entered into force as of January 1, 2018. This Decree adapts the rules of the French Sapin law of January 29, 1993 – … Continue reading

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