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Knit-picking right of publicity question of the day

I'm learning to knit, and at the local store I encountered this charming pin:Does Arnold Palmer have any recourse against the "yarnold palmer"?http://tushnet.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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Disabled Clients, or Clients that Happened to be Disabled? – That IS the question

The recent media frenzy over the discovery of several persons in the Philadelphia area being kidnapped, tortured, and held against their will by criminals who were stealing their Social Security checks brings to mind the common mistake of not using … Continue reading

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St Augustine Foreclosure Lawyer Question: My foreclosure sale date has passed, but we were never sent anything saying they were foreclosing?

In Florida, a lender can only foreclose on real property by conducting a judicial foreclosure. A judicial foreclosure is a foreclosure processed through the court system, which begins when the lender files a complaint and records a Lis Pendens in … Continue reading

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U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments on Oct. 12th in Immigration Case Involving Question of Whether LPR is Eligible for 212(c) Waiver

SCOTUS is hearing oral arguments in immigration case out of the Ninth Circuit in Judulang v. Holder, Docket No.: 10-694, on issue of whether Lawful Permanent Resident who plead guilty to manslaughter in 1989, was eligible for INA § 212(c) … Continue reading

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Typical Law School Socratic Method Question and Answer

The following was a conversation in an IP class between a professor and student at UC Davis Law School. Professor: Did the supreme court completely disavow the TSM (teaching-suggestion-motivation) test? Student: No. Professor: Why do you say that? Student: Based … Continue reading

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