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Untimely Protest? “Diligent Pursuit” may Keep Your Protest Alive

Contractors who have filed or have considered filing a Bid Protest based on a mistake by an agency know that they have very little time to recognize an issue and take action before the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Typically, a … Continue reading

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Hanging Out to Dry: FTC’s Ongoing Pursuit of Credit Card Laundering has Reached an Apex

The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) continues to crack down on companies engaged in credit card laundering. Credit card laundering is the practice of processing credit card transactions for one company through the merchant processing account of another company. Credit card … Continue reading

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Subaru Bursts Into Flames in Acton After Police Pursuit

Four individuals in a Subaru led police on a car-chase through several neighborhoods today. They are now facing charges, and the pursuit began after they burglarized a grocery store, taking steaks and seafood. The individuals have been identified as Everett … Continue reading

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From “Serial” to UVA: A 1L’s Pursuit of Criminal Justice

One of my first introductions to UVA Law was in Fall 2014. I had gotten hooked on the popular podcast “Serial” during my commute to work. On episode seven, the Virginia Innocence Project Clinic at UVA Law partnered with the … Continue reading

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In Pursuit of Regulatory Excellence

Regulators occupy an important role in society. They are tasked with overseeing and managing industries as diverse as healthcare, energy, and finance. Their responsibilities include making difficult policy determinations and managing relationships with regulated industries, interest groups, other regulators, and … Continue reading

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