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9/11 Firefighter’s Recent Death Shows Struggles of PTSD and Struggles With Pension Benefits

Joe Battista was an FDNY firefighter who worked for months at Ground Zero after the September 11th attacks, and then spent time sifting through debris at the Fresh Kills landfill looking for human remains. This soul-crushing work eventually took its … Continue reading

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PTSD and Medical Malpractice in Rochester

We often hear about PTSD affecting soldiers or crime victims, but the reality is that it can also affect victims of medical malpractice. In fact, a medical professional’s mistake can cause severe psychological problems for patients. If you or someone … Continue reading

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Cause and Effect of PTSD in Asylum Applicants

Guest blogger: Ryan Vander Horn, law student, University of San Francisco When reviewing the requirements for an asylum application a glaring issue regarding mental health appears. Since applicants for asylum are under the burden of demonstrating that they have a… … Continue reading

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For Minnesota firefighters, job-related PTSD takes a big toll

It takes a special calling to work as a firefighter. You often have to put your own life on the line to save others. While you make a tremendous impact on those lives, the job also makes an impact on … Continue reading

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The Unrecognized Warzone: Addressing PTSD in NICU Parents

It is well known that returning soldiers often develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a condition marked by flashbacks to a trauma, hyperalertness, avoidance of situations that trigger upsetting memories, and negative emotions such as guilt or shame. However, fewer people … Continue reading

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