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OCA Provides Conviction Sealing Motion Form and Instructions – Too Bad it should not be DIY Project.

New York’s Office of Court Administration Wrongly Encourages Non-Lawyers to File Complex Legal Motions Using Incomplete FormIn October, 2017, a new conviction sealing law became effective in New York that greatly expanded the circumstances when a person with up to … Continue reading

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EPA Provides Guidance to BFPPs Regarding Their Ability to Receive Reimbursement from EPA Superfund Special Accounts

One underused provision in the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) makes Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund Special Accounts available for reimbursement to Bona Fide Prospective Purchasers (BFPPs). This provision has received greater scrutiny by EPA following the … Continue reading

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Copyright Office Provides Helpful Guides on Registering a Group of Photographs

With the U.S. Copyright Office’s recent changes for registering a group of photographs, photographers may be hesitant to register their next set of images. But fear not, the Copyright Office has helpful guides to walk you through the process, available … Continue reading

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IRS Provides Clarification for Business Taxpayers That Make Payments To State or Local Tax Credit Programs

We recently wrote on the new proposed regulations addressing the availability of charitable deductions when taxpayers receive or expect to receive corresponding state or local tax credits for contributions.  The proposed regulations require a taxpayer who makes a contribution to … Continue reading

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WaPo provides "Perspective/Barack Obama’s summer reading list is everything we need right now."

I've heard about the "blue wave." This seems to have us lolling about on the beach. What does it mean to say "Barack Obama’s summer reading list is everything we need right now"? I hear: Remember the good old days? … Continue reading

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