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How far can an employee go in removing employer documents to prove a case?

An important part of the decision in Erhart v. BofI Holding, Inc. relates to an issue that we occasionally confront in employment practice cases, namely what happens when an employee steals confidential documents to use in his lawsuit against the … Continue reading

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Mark Zuckerberg Lied on CNN & I Can Prove It

Marck Zuckerberg lied on CNN during his 3/21/18 interview with Laurie Segall when he responded to the question regarding the right amount of regulation for Facebook and the Internet. He stated “On the basic side, you know, there were things like … Continue reading

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How Hard Is It To Prove Cohabitation And Stop Paying Alimony?

It is difficult but not impossible, depending upon your facts. The good news is that the law of cohabitation and alimony was “modernized” in New Jersey back in 2014 which was part of the greatest overhaul I have ever witnessed … Continue reading

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How to Prove You Were Injured in an Iowa Car Accident

The post How to Prove You Were Injured in an Iowa Car Accident appeared first on RSH Legal. Read more detail on Recent Medical Malpractice posts –

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6th Circuit issues new jury instructions for sex offenses stressing what prosecutors "need not" prove

The Sixth Circuit this morning issued three newly amended jury instructions (and additional updated commentary and title changes). Two of the changed instructions deal with sex offenses, and both were changed to highlight what prosecutors "need not" prove. Interestingly, much … Continue reading

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