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Google Responds to Sexual Harassment and Diversity Protests

A wave of protests has rocked the US since the 2016 election…and, in many cases, they seem to be working. Following a massive, worldwide employee walkout at Google earlier this month, the search engine giant has announced improved policies regarding … Continue reading

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Ten Commandments of Timeliness of GAO Protests and COFC Bid Protest Cases: Actual Filing Deadline V. CICA Stay Timelines & Ovrerride Definition

One of the issues in filing a bid protest is the timeliness rules. Even more confusing is the deadline to file to GAO protest and the timeline to have the CICA stay enforce. Getting the confusing details sorted can make … Continue reading

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GAO Offers Insight on Competitive Range Decisions & Protests

Federal procurements often include a competitive range of offerors seeking the contract award.  The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) competitive range procedure offers the agency an incremental stage in the competition where it can pare down a large pool of offerors … Continue reading

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Poke Restaurant’s Trademark Enforcement Sparks Protests

Trademark enforcement, particularly in an age of social media and internet shaming, is tricky business.  Some brands (I’m looking at you Louis Vuitton) seem to have enough market share to ignore social backlash arising from its heavy-handed demand letters.  But … Continue reading

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As Chinese Investors Panic Over Dubious Products, Authorities Quash Protests

Chinese investors poured billions into online lending platforms. Now some can’t get their money back. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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