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Does an IRS Appeals Protest Count as a Refund Claim?

Taxpayers generally have to submit refund claims to recoup taxes paid to the IRS. The law generally says that these claims have to be in writing, but not necessarily on the IRS’s official forms. Taxpayers submit a number of documents … Continue reading

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GAO Bid Protest Process: Read our “Contract Management” Magazine Article

GAO’s bid process can be difficult to understand. There are rules about who can file a bid protest and what issues can be protested. And the deadlines for filing are strict and unforgiving. In the February 2019 issue of Contract … Continue reading

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Untimely Protest? “Diligent Pursuit” may Keep Your Protest Alive

Contractors who have filed or have considered filing a Bid Protest based on a mistake by an agency know that they have very little time to recognize an issue and take action before the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Typically, a … Continue reading

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What’s the Purpose of a Bid Protest? Section 809 Panel Suggests An Answer

Counseling clients and prospective clients on a potential bid protest, we often ask: Why would you like to file this protest? Of course, the answer inevitably involves the discussion of a flaw (or several) in the evaluation process that, had … Continue reading

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What Are Federal Employees’ Rights to Protest the Government Shutdown?

People don’t lose their First Amendment rights if they work for the government. Standing up for your First Amendment right to protest can be challenging — especially if you’re a government employee. Since Dec. 22, nearly 800,000 government employees nationwide … Continue reading

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