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How Attorney Productivity Is Affected by Data Protection

One of the most nagging issues facing law firms in the digital age is how to improve attorney productivity. Research indicates attorneys only spent roughly 30 percent of each work day on billable hours tasks. In other words, lawyers are … Continue reading

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Validity of a Supplementary Protection Certificate. Testing the boundaries in a new ruling by the Swiss Tribunal Federal

The two plaintiffs are Genzyme Corporation (holder of  supplementary protection certificate No C00716606/01), and  its  licensee, Sanofi-Aventis (holder of the authorizations for the products Renagel and Renvela). The defendant, Salmon Pharma, commercializes a generic version  of the product “Renvela”, which … Continue reading

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Doing double damage: The German competition authority’s Facebook decision manages to undermine both antitrust and data protection law

The German Bundeskartellamt (Federal Cartel Office or FCO) this week reached a decision in its nearly 3-year-old Facebook investigation. The decision appears to be based not on a violation of competition rules per se, but, at root, on alleged violations … Continue reading

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When You Need Domestic Violence Protection During Your Divorce

Domestic violence may well be the reason you’re considering divorce in the first place. That said, you should not live in fear that you and your family are at risk. So, what does Tennessee law say when it comes to … Continue reading

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Would the Pain Capable Unborn Children Protection Act Be Constitutional?

In November, a Federal District Court in Michigan held the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act of 1995 unconstitutional. The Court reasoned, in essence, that the Supreme Court's decisions in Lopez and Morrison meant that this sort of local activity … Continue reading

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