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Calabresi, Begley, Dore & Agudo on the Rights Protected by a Consensus of the States

Steven G. Calabresi, Hannah Begley, Katherine L. Dore and Sarah E. Agudo (Northwestern University – Pritzker School of Law, Brown University, Students, Northwestern University – Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and Northwestern University – Pritzker School of Law) have posted Individual … Continue reading

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Unmarried long-term partners should be better protected by the law (UK)

In February 2017, the UK Court of Appeal found that a woman who lost her long-term partner deserves the same pay-out benefits given to those partners who were married or in a civil partnership. Current UK legislation provides for fixed-sum … Continue reading

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Ending Temporary Protected Status

The Trump Administration's decision to end the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for El Salvadorans is garnering nothing but condemnation.  Typical is report by the Washington Post headlined (on line) "Trump Heaps More Misery on Vulnerable Immigrants."  That can't be a … Continue reading

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WELL, GOOD: Study: Ebola survivors appear to be protected from virus.. “The immune systems of peopl…

WELL, GOOD: Study: Ebola survivors appear to be protected from virus.. “The immune systems of people who survived the first Ebola outbreak 40 years ago appear to be protecting them against future infection with the deadly virus, a new study … Continue reading

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E-mail header information, Volume of e-mail, not Constitutionally Protected

“Neither this nor any other circuit has spoken to the constitutionality of computer surveillance techniques that reveal the to/from addresses of e-mail messages, the IP addresses of websites visited and the total amount of data transmitted to or from an … Continue reading

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