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Hiring a San diego Dui Attorney To protect You

Hiring a San diego drunk driving attorney could possibly be a choice.Driving drunk is definitely a criminal offence holdings and liabilities state in the world, including California. However, legislation clearly defines that your particular person doesn’t need be intoxicated or … Continue reading

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Deficiency Judgments On the Rise in Modesto, So Protect Yourself With Bankruptcy

A recent Wall Street Journal article reports that the number of deficiency judgments is on the rise as banks attempt to make as much money as they can after being hit hard with foreclosures. A deficiency judgment is an order … Continue reading

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Public Urged to Contact Members of "Super Committee" to Protect Patients' Rights

Every Chicago medical malpractice attorney has been closely following the developments in D.C. related to the budget deficit issues that have erupted over the past few months. Lately all eyes have turned to the so-called "Super Committee" -a group of … Continue reading

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Municipality can require waterfront greening to protect water

The St. Charles Lake provides half the potable water used by Québec City. When nutrients from human activity began to create plagues of toxic bacteria, the City enacted a by-law requiring owners of lakefront property to put in 10-15 metre … Continue reading

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Will Canada protect Trans Rights?

Trans rights: coming to a Jurisdiction near you A newly proposed law, Bill-276 (read text here), aims to protect trans rights. It died in the house this past Spring (2011) after being introduced by Bill Siksay but has found a … Continue reading

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