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Attorney Client Privilege – There is no Attorney Fairy Dust to Protect Everything

In some recent minor news coverage the issue of attorney-client privilege has come up.  It often is surprising to non-lawyers (and non-litigators) how limited that privilege actually is in scope.  Many clients tend to assume that any conversation with an … Continue reading

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California’s Legislature Seeks to Protect Network Neutrality and Promote ISP Competition

In response to the rollback of federal network neutrality protections, this year more than 20 states have taken up the mantle of protector of a free and open Internet. Washington has already passed a law and Oregon’s waits to be … Continue reading

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It made sense to you – create an  entity, an LLC,  to protect you from personal liability.  If your business gets sued, you may have insurance in place to protect you against the claim. But even if there is no … Continue reading

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Protect Yourself from Fraud In 2018 – Part One: Preventing Identity Theft

Unfortunately, we live in a time when identity theft and fraud are running rampant. Almost every month, we hear of major security breaches with companies like Yahoo, Uber, Equifax, and Dropbox all compromised. When these types of breaches occur, millions … Continue reading

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Cybersquatters – How to protect your brand from unwanted ‘guests’ online

The internet is now the normal conduit for everyday personal, commercial and social transactions. It is more important than ever to ensure that your consumers know where to find your business online, and that no third parties are seeking to … Continue reading

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