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Aggressive Prosecution or Abusive Tactics?

The Houston Police Department has a history of, to put it politely, aggressive investigations of alleged environmental criminal activity. Is it too aggressive? Some certainly think so. Just ask George McCall (“Mac”) Secrest, Jr. or Dean Blumrosen. These guys are… … Continue reading

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Marchers: Flawed prosecution led to '92 slaying convictions

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) – Supporters of six men who were convicted in a grisly 1992 Green Bay killing are continuing their efforts to get the convictions overturned, arguing that the men were victims of flawed investigation and prosecution. About … Continue reading

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ICC in talks with Libya rebels to hand over Gaddafi son for prosecution

[JURIST] Representatives from the International Criminal Court (ICC) [official website] were reportedly meeting Monday with Libyan rebels to discuss turning over the son of Libyan leader Mummar Gaddafi [BBC profile; JURIST news archive], Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, to the court for … Continue reading

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State v. Duncan – immunity from prosecution when you kill someone who is forcing their way into your home

In State v. Duncan, decided May 9, 2011, the S.C. Supreme Court unanimously held that the Protection of Persons and Property Act provides immunity from prosecution where a person is killed while trying to force their way into a home, … Continue reading

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I did a Deferred Prosecution in the 1990's when there was no limit – can I do one again now?

No. Unfortunately, the one limit per lifetime applies retroactively. If you entered into a Deferred Prosecution in the 1990's for a DUI or Physical Control you cannot do another one now, even though the one per lifetime limit – did… … Continue reading

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