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EPA Issued Proposed Rule to Add Hazardous Waste Aerosol Cans to Universal Wastes Regulated under RCR

By Lynn L. Bergeson, Christopher R. Bryant, and Margaret R. Graham On March 6, 2018, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a proposed rule (pre-publication version available here) to add hazardous waste aerosol cans to the category of universal … Continue reading

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CMS Releases Proposed 2019 Medicare Advantage/Part D Reimbursement Methodologies and Policies

CMS is seeking comments on its proposed updates to the methodologies used to pay Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D plan sponsors for 2019.  This year CMS released its 2019 Advance Notice and Draft Call Letter in two parts.  In … Continue reading

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The Latest on Proposed Mandatory Arbitration of Shareholder Claims

SEC Commission Michael Piwowar caused quite a stir last summer when he suggested that the SEC would favorably view submissions by IPO companies that included bylaw provisions requiring mandatory arbitration of securities claims. The idea of mandatory arbitration for shareholder … Continue reading

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New Rules on Comitology Proposed

The Commission has made a proposal to the Council and European Parliament – COM (2010) 83 final – to reform the “comitology” procedure. The proposal seeks to implement Article 291 TFEU that lays down that the European Parliament and the… … Continue reading

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Tipped Employees Might Have to Share Tips Under Proposed Rule

Anyone who has ever waited tables knows how valuable a good tip is. It brings the wages of tipped employees up, makes it possible for restaurant owners to keep food prices reasonable, and gives workers an incentive to work during … Continue reading

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