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Oregon Shifts Heavy Equipment Personal Property Tax Burden to Contractors starting in 2019

Large and small heavy equipment rental providers throughout the state of Oregon recently scored a huge victory when Governor Brown signed HB 4139 into law earlier last month. The new law replaces Oregon’s existing personal property tax system for heavy … Continue reading

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Birnhack on Colonial Intellectual Property @Birnhack @TAU_Law

Michael Birnhack, Tel Aviv University, Buchmann Faculty of Law, is publishing Colonial Intellectual Property in Handbook on Intellectual Property Research (Irene Calboli, and Maria Lilla' Montagnani, eds., Oxford University Pres, 2019). Here is the abstract. Most of the literature on … Continue reading

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Property Seller’s Lack of Proof of Lost Profits Causes Florida Appeals Court to Throw Out $4.2M Damages Award

In science, there is something called the “butterfly effect.” This is a concept that Google defines as a “phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.” An example is a 1972 article in … Continue reading

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Legal Debate Continues Over Whether Pets Should Be Considered Something Other Than Property Following the End of a Relationship

We’ve previously blogged about what happens to pets following a separation or divorce. The unfortunate answer for many pet owners is that, legally, pets are treated no differently than any other piece of property (i.e. car, etc.), and therefore, unlike … Continue reading

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Homeowners’ Claims Alleging Construction Defects Resulting In Property Damage Are Subject To The Right To Repair Act’s Prelitigation Procedures Regardless Of How The Claims Are Pleaded.

In McMillin Albany LLC v. Superior Court, (2018) 4 Cal.5th 241,  the California Supreme Court held that homeowners’ (collectively “the Van Tassels”) claims seeking recovery for construction defect damages are subject to the Right to Repair Act (“RRA” or “The … Continue reading

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