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Property During A Divorce in Florida – How Do You Handle It?

What happens to real estate or property that you jointly own when you get a divorce in Florida?  How does the Court handle your property when you and your spouse can’t agree on what to do?  How can it be … Continue reading

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Leasing Property is Entrusting Property for Purposes of the Dishonest or Criminal Act/Entrustment Exclusion

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY – VANDALISM DAMAGE TO LEASED PREMISES – DISHONEST OR CRIMINAL ACTS EXCLUSION – ENTRUSTMENT EXCLUSION Winking Group, LLC v. Aspen American Ins. Co.(SDNY decided 1/18/2018)Many commercial property insurance policies exclude coverage for loss or damage caused by or resulting from a dishonest or … Continue reading

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Get Off My Lawn (OK-Airspace): Legal Issues Raised By Drones Hovering Over Private Property

Hardly a week goes by that someone does not ask me “What can I do if a drone flies or hovers over my property?” or the converse, “What restrictions are there on my operation of a drone over private property?”. … Continue reading

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Sex Beds and Virtual Land: What can Virtual Property Do for Property?

Thanks for the introduction, Ben! Bens description of me as someone “who also teaches Property” is just right; I started teaching Property after over ten years of teaching upper-level Property-related courses such as Secured Transactions, Bankruptcy, and Electronic Commerce. My… … Continue reading

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The "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017" (the "TCJA") changed the tax treatment of self-created intellectual property ("IP").

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