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Separate Property in Texas Divorce Includes Property Claimed by One Spouse Before Marriage

By Kelly McClure In a Texas divorce, there is a presumption that property possessed by either spouse during the marriage or at the time of the divorce is community property, unless there is clear and convincing evidence otherwise.  Separate property … Continue reading

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What Happens To Foreign Property In A Divorce?

A married couple may be from a foreign country, have a foreign vacation property or habe simply diversified their investment portfolio by buying foreign property.  Property is still property no matter where it is located.  The question is “What happens … Continue reading

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Texas Considers Options for Reducing Property Taxes

The Texas legislature is considering two pieces of legislation (Senate Bill 2 and Senate Joint Resolution 76) which are aimed at reducing local property tax burdens. SB 2 would cap property tax levy increases at 2.5 percent, while SJR 76 … Continue reading

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Gibbons Real Property Department Attorneys Represent Pharmaceutical Company in Cambridge Lease

Gibbons attorneys Russell B. Bershad and Nicole E. Taplin, Directors in the Real Property Department, are representing Bayer Healthcare LLC in a long-term, large scale lease for laboratory and office space in a new building under construction by MIT in … Continue reading

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Property owner liable if a firefighter is injured in the line of duty due to the owner's failure to comply with law, rule or regulation that resulted in the injury

General Municipal Law §205-a "gives a firefighter . . . a right of action against any person whose negligent failure to comply with a government provision either  directly or indirectly results in injury" suffered in the "line of duty."A city … Continue reading

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