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When Red is the Color of the Season: Commercial Property Leases and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy filings are skyrocketing as more and more companies are going deep into the red.  For retailers or their landlords holding leases in commercial property, there are special considerations to keep in mind.  This post will provide some basic information … Continue reading

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Wyoming Denied or Delayed Property Damage Claims

Property insurance is purchased to help protect an insured with the consequences of a natural disaster or serious storm. Far too often we hear from confused policyholders when their insurance carrier attempts to delay payment of a valid covered claim … Continue reading

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Guibault on Intellectual Property and Culture

Lucie Guibault (Schulich School of Law) has posted Intellectual Property and Culture (in A. Kamperman-Sanders, A. Ramalho, C. Mulder, Anke Moerland – Dahrendorf (eds.), Introduction to Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management, Univ. Maastricht, 2018 Forthcoming) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: This … Continue reading

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DC Cir: No Property Right In A Clean And Pure Environment Because No Right To Exclude Others

Remember that case from earlier this year where the Hawaii Supreme Court held that for purposes of Hawaii's Due Process Clause, the Sierra Club (any "person," actually) has a property right in a "clean and healthful environment?" We asked if … Continue reading

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How You Can Collect Rent While Foreclosing on a Property

An assignment of rents clause in a mortgage agreement can be helpful when the borrower collects rent from tenants on its property. With the clause, the mortgagee may be able to collect rent payments directly if the borrower defaults on … Continue reading

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