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Productivity made simple

Stephen R. Covey says “Start with the end in mind.” This is sometimes referred to as a “top-down approach.” You start with the long-term, big-picture and work downward (or backward) to the medium-term, followed by the short term, and so … Continue reading

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USDA and Ag Data: Improving Productivity while Protecting Privacy

I recently co-authored* a paper for AGree that explains how USDA can harness the power of ag data to improve conservation programs. Here is an excerpt, with a link to the original paper. Executive SummaryThe last five years have witnessed … Continue reading

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What your 3D calendar can show you about your productivity

Have you ever wondered what your meetings look like in 3D? Well, you need wait no longer. No lie: it’s pretty cool. Laurel Woerner – Work Futurist. This image displays all of my meetings for 2018, visualized as dots and … Continue reading

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Another Reason Business People Need to Manage their Attorneys: The Legal Industry’s Definition of “Productivity” Drives Unnecessary Work

The attorney’s definition of “productivity”? How many hours did I bill the client and get paid for? It’s that simplistic. And it’s that one-sided — in favor of the lawyer — and against the client. Consequently — according to conventional … Continue reading

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Increase Productivity as a Solo Attorney

There are plenty of great things about being a solo attorney, including setting your own hours, your own dress code (Captain America t-shirt and jeans), and going with your gut and calling the shots. At the same time, the life … Continue reading

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