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Best Practices for the Hiring Process

Phones will be buzzing this week, as faculty candidates receive invitations for call-back interviews. My head is still buzzing from last weekend, as I process the hiring conference and the interviews many of us did at the Wardman Park. Why … Continue reading

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Florida Foreclosure Process Delayed by Bankruptcy Trustees?

The real estate website MortgageOrb is reporting that a Florida provider of default legal services is sounding the alarm on a new bankruptcy practice that he says could delay the foreclosure process in the state. According to an announcement… Read … Continue reading

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Law Departments and The On-Boarding Process

Law departments, you better have a solid on-boarding process for new in-house hires as Mark Hermann points out at his recent InsideStraight column over at AboveTheLaw. [via: Inside Straight: The On-Boarding Process at Above The Law] Like this post? Subscribe … Continue reading

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When Is Computer Software An Unpatentable Mental Process?

On August 16, 2011, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in CyberSource v Retail Decisions concluded that a claim to a method for detecting Internet fraud was not patentable. The court also concluded that a claim to computer memory storing … Continue reading

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Is it time to revamp the FDA approval process of medical devices?

In the past couple of years, quite a few medical devices have either been recalled or come under scrutiny after reports of patients being seriously injured or killed due to a defective device. In the case of DePuy's artificial hip … Continue reading

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