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Word of the Month for January 2018: Process Server

Once upon a time, long before I became an omnipotent law Librarian, I was a process server.  I dodged bullets, cars, and swinging fists of fury and I learned pretty quick that people really don't like process servers.  They don't … Continue reading

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Tax Overhaul Process Retreated from Democracy

Anyone who followed the recent tax reform process in Congress can be forgiven for worrying about the health of American democracy. Meeting behind closed doors, House and Senate Republicans reached a secret deal on new legislation. Their final round of negotiations … Continue reading

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Service of Process for Divorce Actions

Once you have filed your divorce complaint with your county courthouse, you must provide service of process on the defendant, your spouse. Service is required to give notice to someone that they are a party to a legal action. Your … Continue reading

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How Long is the Divorce Process?

The actual divorce process in North Carolina is fairly simple and can typically be completed in 60 to 90 days or less. However, there can be complications that could significantly extend this time period. Divorce, Separation, and Other Issues Note … Continue reading

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Best Practices for the Hiring Process

Phones will be buzzing this week, as faculty candidates receive invitations for call-back interviews. My head is still buzzing from last weekend, as I process the hiring conference and the interviews many of us did at the Wardman Park. Why … Continue reading

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