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Plaintiff Allowed Extension to Meet Procedural Requirements in Maryland Medical Malpractice Case

The procedures for bringing a Maryland medical malpractice action can be complicated in some cases.  In a June 28, 2018 decision, the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland considered whether the plaintiff could pursue a claim against his  doctor and … Continue reading

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Welcoming Procedural Delay

Many regulatory experts complain about what they see as a stagnation—or ossification—of the federal rulemaking process caused by the imposition of various procedural requirements on federal agencies. But these skeptics of increased administrative procedure may have to rethink their position. … Continue reading

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Seventh Circuit Rejects Procedural Due Process Claim for Denial of SORA

Professor Ruthann Robson, City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law The Seventh Circuit's opinion in Beley v. City of Chicago finds no constitutional violation when the City of Chicago refuses to register sex offenders in certain circumstances (such… … Continue reading

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How Procedural Pitfalls Can Ensnare Your South Florida Family Law Case

In an episode of a popular TV courtroom drama, a judge once declared that “it’s not about being right… it’s about doing right.” While that case and that judge were fictional, that statement acknowledged an important aspect of the law: … Continue reading

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The Case for Global Best Practices in Antitrust Procedural Fairness

D. Daniel Sokol (University of Florida) makes The Case for Global Best Practices in Antitrust Procedural Fairness. ABSTRACT: Procedural fairness and its two component parts, transparency and due process, are paramount to a well-functioning antitrust/competition law system. Due process and… … Continue reading

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