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Holding an oil and gas licence: a privilege, not a right

Say you are about to buy, sell, or invest in an Alberta oil and gas company. You are conducting your due diligence, negotiating the transaction documents, pursuing any necessary approvals and are looking forward to closing. Before you can proceed, … Continue reading

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Is the Attorney Client Privilege Over? Here’s What You Need to Know

President Trump Tweeted that the “Attorney client privilege is dead” after the FBI conducted a raid at the office of Michael Cohen, a New York lawyer and legal representative of Trump. The President is well known for his Tweets, and … Continue reading

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Take Responsibility for Securing Your Company’s — and Your Own — Attorney-Client Privilege (Part I of III)

This three-part series is an extended plea to business owners and executives to protect their company’s proprietary information — and information about them as individuals — from being available for use by parties wishing to hurt them via the legal … Continue reading

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Attorney Client Privilege – There is no Attorney Fairy Dust to Protect Everything

In some recent minor news coverage the issue of attorney-client privilege has come up.  It often is surprising to non-lawyers (and non-litigators) how limited that privilege actually is in scope.  Many clients tend to assume that any conversation with an … Continue reading

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What Attorney-Client Privilege Means in Kentucky

Will what I say to my lawyer stay between us? Being charged with a crime is incredibly stressful, and it’s hard to know who to trust. Most of the people a defendant encounters after being arrested are not looking out … Continue reading

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