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Loss of CRISPR Priority in Europe is a Warning to All Patent Applicants

On 17 January 2018, a panel of the European Patent Office (EPO) opposition division wholly revoked a patent co-owned by the Broad Institute (‘Broad’) relating to CRISPR/Cas9 ‘gene editing’ technology.  The European patent in question, number EP2771468, is entitled ‘Engineering … Continue reading

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EPO revokes CRISPR patent – a clear cut case of invalid priority?

On 17 January 2018, The EPO revoked one of the Broad Institute’s patents relating to a fundamental aspect of CRISPR technology. The opposition board upheld the EPO's preliminary opinion that the claims were invalid in view of an invalid priority … Continue reading

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Compounding Remains an FDA Priority: Agency Announces 2018 “Compounding Priorities Plan” and Several Compounding Guidances, Including Guidance on “Essentially Copies” and Repackaging

By Karla L. Palmer — Last week FDA announced the release of its 2018 “Compounding Priorities Plan.” FDA also released several guidance documents in the wake of its announcement, such as its final guidance on essentially copies of commercially available … Continue reading

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Telemarketing by Charity Fundraisers Remains an FTC Enforcement Priority

The FTC’s Northwest Regional Office has, for decades, led federal law enforcement efforts to investigate and shut down alleged fraud in the charity fundraising industry (state attorneys general are even more active in this space, as we’ve noted in previous … Continue reading

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When Are Goods Received For The Purpose Of Asserting Administrative Priority Status Under Sect

A bankruptcy court recently held that in order for a supplier of goods on credit to establish an administrative claim under Bankruptcy Code section 503(b)(9) in the bankruptcy case of its buyer, the supplier will need to show that its … Continue reading

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