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Press Release # 4

The Law Office of Mark S. Humphreys, P.C., recently got a surprise for his client when contesting an ERISA life insurance claim. The insured worked in Louisiana and had a life insurance policy through his employer. The insured was not … Continue reading

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Press Release No. 2

The Law Offices of Mark S. Humphreys announces the settlement of another Credit Life & Disability policy. In this case, Mark’s client purchased an automobile and as part of the purchase Mark’s client was offered the opportunity to purchase a … Continue reading

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Sexism and the Establishment Press

So, the media is at pains to tell us that Amy Klobuchar is ambitious and gets angry and mean with her staff. I do not remember a story about how any of the Republican candidates in 2016 treated members of … Continue reading

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Castilho on The Press and Brazilian Narratives of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" @celso_thomas

ICYMI: Celso Thomas Castilho has published The Press and Brazilian Narratives of Uncle Tom's Cabin: Slavery and the Public Sphere in Rio de Janiero, ca. 1855, at 76 The Americas 77 (2019). Here is the abstract. In March 1855, a … Continue reading

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Teens deaths raise immigration questions (Daily Press)

Two Virginia Beach teens died in an accident involving an undocumented immigrant. Here are some answers addressing the issue. The deaths of two Virginia Beach teens last week touched off a national firestorm that has put the legal system, immigration … Continue reading

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