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President Trump’s Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

On Feb. 11, President Trump issued a new executive order regarding artificial intelligence (AI). Darrell West from Brookings wrote a brief analysis of the order, Caleb Watney from R Street critiqued it on Lawfare, and major media outlets have provided … Continue reading

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EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: 160th CityLaw Breakfast with Jeremy Travis, Arnold Ventures & Former President, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Dean Anthony W. Crowell and Professor Ross Sandler, Director cordially invite you to the 160th CityLaw Breakfast. Presenting   Jeremy Travis Arnold Ventures and Former President of John Jay College of Criminal Justice Speaking on “Crime and Justice Trends: the New York City … Continue reading

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President Bush Signs Two Tax Bills

President Bush yesterday signed into law (here and here): H.R. 3996, The Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2007 (blogged here), which provides a one-year AMT patch Upon final House passage of H.R. 3996, IRS issued a statement saying it would… … Continue reading

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President Offers “Compromise” to End Government Shutdown

Facing mounting pressure from the American public, the President delivered his last-ditch effort offering what he termed a “compromise” to gain support for his controversial wall and put an end to what has been a long-drawn-out government shutdown. In Saturday’s … Continue reading

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[Stewart Baker] Why the FBI's counterintelligence probe of President Trump should be investigated

If no President is above the law, does that mean no President is above the FBI?Readers of this blog may be interested in my Lawfare post about the news that the FBI made President Trump the subject of a counterintelligence … Continue reading

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