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Indonesian Officials Seize 1MDB-linked Yacht; Prepare to Hand It Over to FBI

Acting on a request from the FBI made in late February, Indonesian officials have seized the luxury yacht Equanimity at Benoa Harbor in Bali, Indonesia. Investigators suspect the yacht was bought with the proceeds of embezzlement from 1Malaysia Development Berhad … Continue reading

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Broadcasters Prepare for Their #MeToo Moment

By Scott R. Flick People often conflate the term “FCC lawyer” with “Communications Lawyer,” thinking of an FCC Lawyer as someone who represents clients solely with regard to interactions with the FCC and its rules.  A Communications Lawyer, however, represents … Continue reading

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What Marketers Need to Know to Prepare for the GDPR

ANA Magazine recently published an article discussing the upcoming regulatory changes as a result of new EU privacy regulations.  Please click here for the article.  You will need an free ANA account to access the content.  Just sign up and … Continue reading

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What Information Do You Need to Prepare Your Will?

If you are wondering what information you need to prepare your will, you already have one of the most important pieces: You know that you need to put an estate plan in place. Having an estate plan is important for … Continue reading

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Why Latin America Needs to Prepare Now for Election Meddling

The Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 U.S. elections caught the world by surprise. This wasn’t because election interference of that kind hadn’t happened before—it had, just ask the Ukrainians—but simply because no one thought the Kremlin would dare to challenge … Continue reading

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