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Employer’s Campaign Prediction That Employees Would Have To Join Union And Pay Dues As Condition Of Employment Not Coercive, NLRB Majority Rules

The NLRB currently is churning out cases and Advice Memoranda at a fairly regular pace.  We recently discussed NLRB decisions addressing information requests, handbook statements, and confidential informants. An interesting area of NLRB case law concerns campaign statements,–statements made by employer representatives … Continue reading

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Why Less Suicide Prediction on Social Media Is More

In 2017, Facebook announced it was using artificial intelligence to predict suicide. Today, its artificial intelligence scans all types of user-generated content and assigns a suicide risk score to each piece of content. If the score is particularly high, Facebook … Continue reading

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A prediction for nonprofits in 2019: Increase in tensions

Originally published in part on LinkedIn My prediction for 2019 is very broad and perhaps obvious: an increase in tensions. Certainly among political parties, political candidates, and political ideologies. But also within the nonprofit sector, which is composed of organizations … Continue reading

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Collusion by Algorithm: Does Better Demand Prediction Facilitate Coordination Between Sellers?

Jeanine Miklós-Thal, University of Rochester – Simon Business School and Catherine E. Tucker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Management Science (MS) ask Collusion by Algorithm: Does Better Demand Prediction Facilitate Coordination Between Sellers? ABSTRACT: We build a game-theoretic model… … Continue reading

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Predictive Dialer Prediction Comes True: Court Rules that ACA International Vacated Previous FCC Predictive Dialer Decisions and Holds that Predictive Dialers are Not Autodialers Under the TCPA

Technology is present in nearly everything we do and not only in the form of a smartphone. Now, when people brush their teeth, turn on the car, or tune an instrument, there’s likely some form of digital technology at work. … Continue reading

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