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Avoiding Foster Care Placement When Possible

Q: Might consult a family law attorney early result in better domestic matter outcomes?Most people don't realize that the first time someone consults a family law attorney doesn't necessarily have to be when they are getting a divorce.A Phoenix family … Continue reading

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The Importance of Strong Legal Counsel in Your Florida Divorce Case, Especially When There’s a Possible Language Issue

There is often much that anyone can learn from the rulings courts make. A recent decision handed down by a Florida appeals court in Miami provides two very important reminders for anyone going through the divorce process.. First and foremost, … Continue reading

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Joint Chiefs of Staff – Permanent global cyberspace superiority is not possible

Steven Aftergood – Secrecy News Blog: “Military planners should not anticipate that the United States will ever dominate cyberspace, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a new doctrinal publication. The kind of supremacy that might be achievable in other … Continue reading

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Kellogg’s voluntarily recalls Honey Smacks cereal over possible salmonella contamination

The Kellogg Company announced a voluntary recall on boxes of Honey Smacks cereal due to a possible health risk associated with possible salmonella contamination. The CDC and FDA warned Kellogg that their product is likely linked the salmonella contamination of … Continue reading

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Can a YouTube Video Invalidate a Patent? It’s Certainly Possible

One of the most common defenses to patent infringement is that the asserted patent is invalid. The reasons for invalidity regularly range from lack of utility, to incorrect inventorship, and even to fraud (as I’ve recently written about). Often, the … Continue reading

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