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FTC Staff: Proposed Pennsylvania Legislation Affecting Nurse Practitioners Likely to Benefit Competition and Consumers while Promoting Principles of Economic Liberty Federal Trade Commission staff submitted written comments on the competitive impact of a legislative proposal to modify the supervision requirements … Continue reading

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Possible Consequences When There’s a Delay Fulfilling the Terms of a California Marital Settlement Agreement — Marriage of Janes

In any divorce case, one of the primary issues willl likely be the division of property. While the couple’s marital home may be the largest asset, another important asset for many couples is retirement accounts. In the recent case of … Continue reading

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"Attorney General’s Memorandum on Federal Marijuana Enforcement: Possible Impacts"

The title of this post is the title of this "Legal Sidebar" publication authored by Todd Garvey and Brian Yeh with the Congressional Research Service. The piece serves as a useful short primer on federal marijuana laws and policies right … Continue reading

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U.S. Waterways Are Getting Saltier, With Possible Effects on Drinking Water

Science: U.S. rivers are getting saltier, potentially compromising drinking water: “The bomb cyclone that hit the northeastern United States last week left roadways and vehicles caked in a white film of road salt and grime. Those salts might be washing … Continue reading

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Post at Politico on Alex Azar highlights possible line of questioning of HHS nominee

The post at Politico beginsThe drugmaker [Lilly, employer of Azar] believed the erectile dysfunction drug [Cialis] might help a rare and deadly muscle-wasting disease that afflicts boys. The drug didn’t work — but under a law that promotes pediatric research, … Continue reading

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