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Georgia Police Officers Face Dangers on the State’s Highways

Georgia police officers face daily danger when they are on highway patrol duties. Often they are victims of the accidents they police. Recently in Georgia’s Forsyth County, a deputy was transported to a local hospital after another car hit his … Continue reading

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Termination of police officer for dishonesty overturned, disparate treatment renders discipline excessive

Arbitrator Bruce McIntosh reduced a termination to a six month suspension for a police officer who was alleged to have intentionally defaced a newly painted locker room wall.Another officer in the locker room heard someone enter and then the sound … Continue reading

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Stockholm Administrative Court orders ISP to provide customers’ details to Swedish police

Over time Swedish internet service provider (ISP) Bahnhof has dismissed several requests for disclosure of customers’ data, making it a matter of principle to protect the privacy of its users .However, in 2016 Bahnhof received a request from the Swedish … Continue reading

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King Accepted as Fraternal Order of Police Legal Plan Attorney

Attorney Brian W. King has been accepted as an approved attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police Legal Defense Plan.  Law enforcement professionals often find themselves involved in legal issues related to their position.  When this happens, King Law is … Continue reading

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NJ Senate Bill S-1858 Proposes to Implement a Permanent 2% Salary Cap on Police and Fire Interest Arbitration Awards

On Friday, February 9th, 2018, New Jersey State Senator Declan O’Scanlon introduced legislation that would reinstate New Jersey’s interest arbitration salary cap that limits two-percent (2%) annual salary increases that can be awarded when disputed police and fire contracts enter … Continue reading

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