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Lubbock Truck Driver Injures Police Officer

Today in the west Texas town of Lubbock, a 79-year-old truck driver slammed into a police cruiser after he failed to yield the right of way. The police officer was taken to a local hospital so that doctors could examine … Continue reading

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Allegheny County Police File Additional Charges Against Scott Day Care Worker (

By David Wolf, Attorney Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network In Pennsylvania and other States, there are day care center workers who unfortunately use the day care center as a location to abuse and neglect children under their care. IN … Continue reading

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California Law on Police Searches of Smartphones

Reacting to a decision of the state's Supreme Court, the California legislature recently passed a bill that will require law enforcement to get a warrant before searching "information in a portable electronic device" carried by a person who's been arrested. … Continue reading

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Mr. Kurtzman Is A Pasadena California Police Officer?

Police Ticket Guy Who Helped Direct Traffic After Traffic Light Failure; Then Leave Without Handling Traffic | Techdirt. In a real life scene of life imitates art, a good samaritan who helped direct traffic after a light failure, was ticketed … Continue reading

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Ian Tomlinson death: trial date set for police officer – The Guardian

"The trial of the police officer accused over the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in April 2009, has been set for October 2012." Full story The Guardian, 16th September 2011 Source: www.guardian.co.uk Read more detail on Recent … Continue reading

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