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Social Links: Facebook ups its facial recognition game; retracing Twitter’s 2017 missteps; YouTube stars’ fan bases reach their saturation point

In order to comply with a new German law requiring social media sites to take down hate speech, Twitter and Facebook removed anti-Islamic social media posts authored by a German far-right political party. The Obama administration’s screening of social media … Continue reading

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Episode 29: Let Me Point Out This "Unpublished" Opinion, Because It Doesn't Exist

Introduction Friend, avid listener, and token representative law student Scott Kuhagen joins the 'cast this episode. Laura passed the bar. Whew. Josh has a special oral argument before an appellate court at his alma mater. Aww. In the News Revisiting … Continue reading

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The older I get, the more I like straightforward things, like the West Point Honor Code.

See here for a good discussion about the difference between codes that force community members to turn in their colleagues and those that don't. Read more detail on Recent Bankruptcy Posts –

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Vendor Management: Another Regulatory Pressure Point

Vendor management has been a topic this blog has been gassing about since its earliest days. You'd think that by now, the subject would be "old hat." Unfortunately for bankers who fell asleep at the vendor management wheel, it's an … Continue reading

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Bank of America forecloses on un-mortgaged Florida home… that's hardly news. Is EVERYONE missing the point here?

Bank of America foreclosed on a home in Collier County, Florida. That's certainly not news. The home's owners, Warren and Maureen Nyerges, had paid cash for the property, so there was no mortgage on which to foreclose, but Bank of … Continue reading

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