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Poynter launching podcast about fact checking and misinformation

Poynter: “Over the next three weeks, the International Fact-Checking Network is releasing a limited-run podcast about fact-checking and fake news. In each of the three episodes, we talk to fact-checkers, journalists and experts around the world to try and answer … Continue reading

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Learn how to be successful in law school in the Law Student Podcast

Having difficulty navigating your hectic law school schedule? You’re not alone! Your new hosts for the ABA Law Student Podcast, Ashley Baker and Kristoffer Butler, talk to Negeen Sadeghi-Movahed, chairwoman of the ABA Law Student Division, about law student life and her goals as … Continue reading

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Competition Lore podcast – latest episode with Hal Varian

The latest episode of the podcast is out with an interview with Hal Varian, “Google, our God?”: https://competitionlore.com/podcasts/google-trust/. Read more detail on Recent Antitrust posts –

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The Lawfare Podcast: Ambassador David O'Sullivan on the US-EU Relationship

It's easy to spend all our time focusing on American domestic politics these days, but the rest of the world is not going away. Take the European Union, for example—our neighbors from across the pond, and one of the US's … Continue reading

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The Cyberlaw Podcast: Will AI Save the Internet From Vladimir Putin … and Matt Drudge?

Our guest is Peter W. Singer, co-author with Emerson T. Brooking of LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media. Peter’s book is a fine history of the way the Internet went wrong in the Age of Social Media. He thinks we’re losing … Continue reading

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