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Massachusetts now allows conditional guilty pleas.

In criminal cases defendants often bring motions to suppress evidence (exclude evidence from trial) based on arguments that the evidence was seized in violation of defendant's constitutional rights. These motions typically argue that evidence was seized in violation of constitutional … Continue reading

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Examining EC Law Pleas on Own Motion and Reformatio in Pejus: Case C-455/06

The principle of “reformatio in pejus” is relatively common in Continental legal systems and means that an individual bringing an action cannot be placed in a less favorable position than if he had not brought the action in the first… … Continue reading

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Case o' The Week: Government's Pleas Fall on Skeptical Ninth Ears – Armando Vera and Use of Co-D Plea Agreements at Sentencing

 If at first you don’t succeed, Find a co-d, make him plead, Use co-D’s plea to prove your fact, Then up to the Ninth, who sends you back.United States v. Armando Vera, 2018 WL 3097956 (9thCir. June 25, 2018), decision available here.Players: Decision … Continue reading

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European Countries Push Forward on Digital Taxes Despite Pleas to Wait

On February 7th, France and Germany, the two largest economies in Europe, announced their intentions to target the Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, referred to as GAFA, with new taxes. These countries have argued that GAFA are paying far less … Continue reading

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