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Some interesting portions of the Manafort plea agreement

Here is the entire agreement. Some interesting parts:1. The Government believes that the sentencing guidelines yield a sentence of 210-262 months, even after acceptance of responsibility. That means that if Manafort had gone to trial and lost, the prosecution would … Continue reading

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Mueller Gets Another Cooperation Plea: Sam Patten

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team picked up another notch on its belt today with the guilty plea of Sam Patten, a Republican lobbyist who specialized in Russian and Ukraine affairs. Patten pleaded guilty to a FARA (Foreign Agents… [[ This … Continue reading

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Go for it: Republican leaders urge vulnerable incumbents to criticize Trump after Cohen plea

Midterm pressures are liberating centrist Republicans to start criticizing President Trump. via www.washingtonexaminer.com Read more detail on Recent Legal Theory posts –

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Trump likely safe after Cohen guilty plea, but Mueller report will be fodder for foes | Fox News

The Cohen pleas on the campaign finance law violations mean two things. First, it is unlikely Cohen has any information to offer Special Counsel Robert Mueller about allegations that Trump or his presidential campaign colluded with Russia to help Trump … Continue reading

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What does the Cohen plea agreement say? (Corrected)

Here is the Michael Cohen plea agreement to all 8 counts of the information.The maximum sentence to these 8 counts is 65 years.The government calculates the guidelines at level 24 (51-63 months) and the defense calculates a level 23 (46-57 months). The dispute is … Continue reading

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