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Resist Trump — Play Ball!

As the #shithole that lurks in the White House seeks to delegitimize truth, justice and the American Way, it is critical that we #resist by protesting, mobilizing and organizing.  We must insist on truth and push relentlessly for justice, but we also can't … Continue reading

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Why Divorcing California Spouses Should Try to Play Nice During Discovery

For those who are unable to resolve the issues in their divorce outside of court, the discovery process is often important in a litigated divorce. Discovery enables spouses to request financial and other information from each other and requires them … Continue reading

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I'm Not a Lawyer, But I Play One In the Movies @ABAJournal

From the August 2014 issue of the ABA Journal: 12 films with scenes that dramatize what lawyers do, or don't do, effectively, and why. Some of the films highlighted include Anatomy of a Murder and I Am Sam. Read more … Continue reading

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SEC Staff Gives Assurances to Advisers Keeping Alternate Records under Pay to Play Advisers Act Recordkeeping Rule

The staff of the Division of Investment Management has given no-action assurances under the government plan recordkeeping rule, adopted in conjunction with the pay to play rule, to investment advisers to Covered Investment Pools who keep an alternative set of … Continue reading

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DOE-Commissioned Study Highlights Role that U.S. Can Play in Helping Other Countries Responsibly Develop Shale Resources

Last week, Rice University's James Baker's Institute for Public Policy released a Department of Energy-commissioned study entitled "Shale Gas and U.S. National Security." Consistent with other recent studies, the report concluded the new U.S. domestic shale development offers significant benefits, … Continue reading

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