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Literary Play at the Inns of Court and Early Modern Legal Professionalization

Jessica Winston, Lawyers at Play: Literature, Law, and Politics at the Early Modern Inns of Court, 1558-1581 (2016). Angela Fernandez The Inns of Court have long interested legal historians, particularly those who study the history of the legal profession. The … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Over To Kill A Mockingbird Broadway Play — Best Evanston and Naperville Copyright Lawyers

Having remained a beloved classic for more than fifty years, the status of Harper Lee’s famous novel, To Kill a Mockingbird was seriously upset when an earlier version of the novel, Go Set A Watchman was published a few years … Continue reading

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Brand-Name Drug Makers Won’t Play Nice with Generics

Brand-Name Drug Makers Won't Play Nice with Generics The post Brand-Name Drug Makers Won’t Play Nice with Generics appeared first on Legal Reader. Read more detail on Recent Products Liability posts –

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Let’s Play Ball!

“Baseball has become countercultural in America. Its pacing defies our Twitter-addled era. The game denies instant gratification. Thousands of measurable events and matchups provide inarguable facts. The sport demands respect for history and context. Given the current political climate, the … Continue reading

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Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Pedestrian in Arizona – How Would This Play Out in a New York Personal Injury Lawsuit?

On Sunday, March 18, 2018, a first-of-its-kind tragedy occurred in Arizona: a self-driving car from Uber’s fleet of autonomous vehicles (which are currently undergoing real-world testing, some of it occurring on Arizona’s public streets and highways) killed a pedestrian.  The … Continue reading

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