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Aloisi & Gramano on Platform Work and Collective Bargaining

Antonio Aloisi and Elena Gramano (European University Institute – Department of Law (LAW) and Goethe University, Frankfurt) have posted Workers Without Workplaces and Unions Without Unity: Non-Standard Forms of Employment, Platform Work and Collective Bargaining (Forthcoming in Bulletin of Comparative … Continue reading

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Wolters Kluwer Cheetah Platform Back Online Tomorrow at 10 AM EDT — Posts Online Guide to Track Restored Features

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory has advised subscribers that their flagship platform Cheetah will be back online tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. est. However certain advanced features such at “smart charts” and redlining will not be restored immediately. Wolters Kluwer … Continue reading

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Spitko on Regulating the Platform Workplace

Gary Spitko (Santa Clara) has just posted on SSRN his very timely article (forthcoming 2019 BYU L. Rev.) Reputation Systems Bias in the Platform Workplace. Here's the abstract: Online reputation systems enable the providers and consumers of a product or… … Continue reading

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Judicial Analytics Platform Launches for California with $2M in Seed Funding

In a December column at Above the Law, I wrote about the growing market of legal technology tools devoted to litigation analytics, describing it as tech that can turn the tables in litigation. Now today comes a new entrant to … Continue reading

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"Beto O’Rourke’s Presidential Platform Is Actually a Restaurant Countertop/Dude, people need to eat food off of those!"

Headline at Eater.The phenomenon has even spawned its own parody Twitter account, Beto Standing On Counters, with the tagline “Standing on Counters and other assorted furniture til ‘20.”It's viral. Example:Beto vs. the dog I took care of this weekend pic.twitter.com/TF3ivBJF63— … Continue reading

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