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Plaintiffs Files Cannabis-Related Securities Class Action Lawsuits

For those of us involved in day to day D&O insurance transactions, it is a recognized fact that cannabis-related companies represent a tough class of insurance business. Different insurers take different approaches to the business, but at best it is … Continue reading

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NJ Supreme Court Finds that High-Low Agreement Supersedes Plaintiff’s Offer of Judgment

By Christine M. McCarthy, Esq. On July 19, 2018, the New Jersey Supreme Court, in Lucia Serico v.Robert M . Rothberg, M.D. (A-69-16), declared you must make your intentions explicitly known if you intend to pursue expenses prescribed by R: … Continue reading

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The Ninth Circuit don’t care: successful Rogers defense reversed because plaintiff’s trademark is “artistic”

Gordon v. Drape Creative, Inc., No. 16-56715 (9th Cir. Jul. 30, 2018)The Ninth Circuit routinely invents some new epicycle for trademark defenses; here it unfortunately mushes together Rogers and transformativeness (absent the word itself, replaced with “artistic”).  There are a … Continue reading

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Plaintiff’s Controlling Shareholder Joined as Necessary Party for Potential Attorney Fees Liability

Following summary judgment, the court granted defendant's motion to join plaintiff's founder/inventor as a necessary party and pursue attorney fees against him under 35 U.S.C. § 285. "There is no evidence in the record that establishes that [plaintiff] currently has … Continue reading

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A Court’s Improper Denial of an Amendment Gives a Plaintiff’s Case New Life in Florida Commercial Lease Dispute

In your commercial litigation case, there are several things that are necessary parts of achieving the beneficial result your business needs. One of these is understanding the rules of court procedure and using them accordingly. The proper use of the … Continue reading

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