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Bexar County Courthouse Is a Party Place

Your average county courthouse sees more genuine drama and pathos than any television show can ever capture. So, perhaps it is not surprising when one courthouse becomes the scene of partying French Moroccans. Five French citizens of Moroccan background were … Continue reading

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Unimpeachable: 7th Circuit Finds Evidence That Sauna Was Used As Place Of Prostitution Inadmissible Under Rape Shield Rule

Like all states, Wisconsin has a rape shield rule. Under Wisconsin's rule, WIS. STAT. Section 972.11(2)(b), in civil and criminal cases involving alleged sex crimes, any evidence concerning the complaining witness's prior sexual conduct or opinions of the witness's prior… … Continue reading

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The schizoid, borderline, and narcissistic analysand of our time and place

"As a rule, today's patients do not simply present classically neurotic problems of an oedipal nature. Rather, they present the kind of problems which have come to be labeled schizoid, borderline, and narcissistic. For whatever reasons, problems of self and … Continue reading

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State Medical Boards Can Place Restrictions on Physicians in Practice Specialties

Puerto Rico regulations that prohibit physicians from performing cosmetic surgery if they are not trained in that specialty do not violate the U.S. Constitution pursuant to a federal appeals court ruling in Gonzalez-Droz v. Gonzalez-Colon, 1st Cir., No. 10-1881, 9/16/11…. … Continue reading

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McCourt trial to take place next year

The question of who owns the Dodgers will soon be determined next year in the latest saga of the McCourt divorce. The divorce trial is expected to take place in the Spring or Summer of 2012 and last about 30 … Continue reading

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