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Avoiding Pitfalls with Home Remodeling Contractors (Part 1)

The content below is a transcript from the home remodeling panel discussion at the Motion Picture and Television Relief Fund’s conference Deal With It: A Women’s Conference, held in Los Angeles, Ca on August 5, 2018: When you have your … Continue reading

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How Procedural Pitfalls Can Ensnare Your South Florida Family Law Case

In an episode of a popular TV courtroom drama, a judge once declared that “it’s not about being right… it’s about doing right.” While that case and that judge were fictional, that statement acknowledged an important aspect of the law: … Continue reading

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The Potential Risks and Pitfalls of Using an Online Divorce Service

When a couple mutually decides to divorce, using an online service might seem appealing. In addition to the small price tag and fast process, the steps seem simple. Answer questions and provide consent, and the online divorce company will complete … Continue reading

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The Perils and Pitfalls of Grantor Trust Triggers

Non-grantor trusts can be beneficial to clients to lower state income taxes. Generally most trusts are non-grantor trusts, but if the grantor retains, or is deemed to retain, certain powers or interests in a trust, then the trust’s income, deductions… … Continue reading

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The Pitfalls of Lawyer Advertising

The Pitfalls of Lawyer Advertising A case decided by a jury in Rochester presents a glaring example of why choosing a lawyer to represent you in a serious personal injury matter should be a far different process than choosing a … Continue reading

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