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The net neutrality CRA may be the most tedious piece of political theater ever

At this point, only the most masochistic and cynical among DC’s policy elite actually desire for the net neutrality conflict to continue. And yet, despite claims that net neutrality principles are critical to protecting consumers, passage of the current Congressional … Continue reading

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Letters of Intent Without a Final Contract are Just a Piece of Paper

Letters of Intent are often a good place to start negotiations for all types of transactions. I’ve written about this before (see post HERE). They can be very helpful in setting the parties’ expectations and helping to draft the contract.  … Continue reading

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A man died and a woman was critically injured after being hit by a piece of fire escape that fell 7 stories

A man and a woman walking on Howard Street in New York City suffered critical injury after being hit on their heads by a falling piece of fire escape on Friday afternoon. The man, identified as 58 year old Richard … Continue reading

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Worker Killed After Being Struck by Loose Piece of Scaffolding

 A man was killed in a construction accident in Chelsea after a metal piece dropped from scaffolding 10 stories above him. According to a report in the New York Daily News, the incident occurred Dec. 18 as the 34-year-old laborer … Continue reading

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249. Tear gas and three piece suits

Admittedly, the following news story would get better traction in American media if San Francisco, the site of the American Bar Associations 2007 annual meeting, were substituted for Lahore: Police stood ready in major cities to act against angry lawyers … Continue reading

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