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Copying before-and-after surgical photos can be false advertising despite Dastar

Aesthetic Associates, Inc. v. Key West Institute for Plastic Surgery, Inc., No. 18-10059-CIV-MARTINEZ-OTAZO-REYES, 2019 WL 1922854 (S.D. Fla. Feb. 5, 2019)Plaintiff, whose principal is Dr. Portuese, sued defendants for copyright infringement, removal of CMI and false advertising in passing off … Continue reading

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The Newest AI-Enabled Weapon: ‘Deep-Faking’ Photos of the Earth – Nextgov

Worries about deep fakes—machine-manipulated videos of celebrities and world leaders purportedly saying or doing things that they really didn’t—are quaint compared to a new threat: doctored images of the Earth itself. China is the acknowledged leader in using an emerging … Continue reading

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3 Different Types Of Originality For Photos

Copyright can be created when photo is taken. But how exactly does a work, such as a photo, qualify for copyright protection? Generally, for a work to qualify for copyright protection, it must be an original work of authorship that … Continue reading

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Millions of online photos scraped without consent

NBC News – People’s faces are being used without their permission, in order to power technology that could eventually be used to surveil them, legal experts say. “Facial recognition can log you into your iPhone, track criminals through crowds and … Continue reading

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Using The Stylus To Take Photos With The Note 9

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