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Q&A – Is a Manipulated Photo of a Sculpture Fair Use?

Q. Artist Jim Hodges has an installation on top of The Contemporary, Jones Center, art museum in Austin, TX, entitled “With Liberty And Justice For All.” Could I take a picture of the artwork, manipulate it with software, render it … Continue reading

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New Jersey Man Charged With Taking Upskirt Photo of 13 Year Old Girl on Cruise Ship

“Upskirt pictures” — an ongoing issue these days as cell phone cameras, which are small and easy to hide, make taking voyeuristic images easier. People can more readily hide these cameras — and take images of women (generally) without their … Continue reading

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use of about half a publicly available photo was fair use

Brammer v. Violent Hues Prods., LLC, No. 1-17-cv-01009, 2018 BL 206017 (E.D. Va.June 11, 2018)Brammer took a time-lapse photo of the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, D.C., at night, then posted it on image-sharing websites as well as his personal … Continue reading

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Viral Photo of Nigerian Man Being Buried With $90,000 BMW SUV

A Facebook picture supposedly showing a Nigerian man being buried with a brand new BMW X6 SUV in a small village in Nigeria recently went viral. The story was picked up by several news stations and continued to be shared… … Continue reading

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A Busy Month in the Facebook Photo Tagging Biometric Privacy Dispute

As discussed in past posts about the long-running Facebook biometric privacy class action, users are challenging Facebook’s “Tag Suggestions” program, which scans for and identifies people in uploaded photographs for photo tagging. The class alleges that Facebook collected and stored … Continue reading

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