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T 1627/09 – self-recuse of Board of appeal after successful petition for review

Two board members recuse themselvesAfter the successful petition for review in R 2/14 of 22 April 2016, the case was remitted to the Board of Appeal that had originally decided not to set aside the opposition division's decision to revoke … Continue reading

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Section 301(a) of the Bankruptcy Codes states that a voluntary Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is commenced with the filing of a petition with the bankruptcy court. A petition, simply put, is a formal written request, signed by you, appealing to the … Continue reading

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Marriage Based Petition and Adjustment of Status Green Card Approval for Indian Client in California

CASE: Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status NATIONALITY: India                                                                                                        LOCATION: Chatsworth, CA Our client is from India who came to the U.S. on an F-1 student visa to pursue his graduate studies. In March 2018, our client married his current U.S. citizen … Continue reading

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New Cert Petition: Is Holding Land With No Present Use In The Hope The Government Allows Some Use In The Future An "Economically Beneficial Use" Of Property?

Here's the cert petition, filed yesterday, in a case we've been following closely. Here's our short summary of the case, written up when it was ready for argument in the Hawaii Supreme Court. That court's ruling against the property owner … Continue reading

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Is Fairness in the Eye of the Beholder? Pfizer Citizen Petition Looking for Fair and Level Playing Field Between Biologics and Biosimilars

By Sara W. Koblitz — An interesting Citizen Petition popped up earlier this week in which pharma giant Pfizer has requested FDA guidance on sponsor communications about biosimilar products.  This is not a new campaign for Pfizer, who has emphasized … Continue reading

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