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A Policyholder Perspective on the Unique Challenges of a Three-Way Mediation

I recently participated in a negotiation with an insurer who had denied coverage for an underlying errors and omissions claim in the mid-seven figures. The insurer’s counsel and I exchanged stern letters, each explaining why our respective client’s position was … Continue reading

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Perspective from a Pernod Lawyer

There is lots of focus on what the craft people are up to, and certainly there is much movement in that regard. But here we turn back to the big companies, and how they see things. Artisan Spirit magazine recently … Continue reading

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Revisiting Arbitrability of Claims of Oppression and Mismanagement: A Singapore Perspective

[Aishwarya Singh is a 4th year student at Jindal Global Law School] The Bombay High Court (HC) in the case of Rakesh Malhotra v. Rajinder Kumar Malhotra (2014) had held that oppression and mismanagement claims are not arbitrable because the … Continue reading

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Perspective – Data shouldn’t drive all of your decisions

Data shouldn’t drive all of your decisions, Taddy Hall, Senior Partner, Lippincott. December 12, 2017. Quartz at Work: “…The power of big data to enable breakthroughs in many aspects of managerial and scientific endeavor is so staggering that it has … Continue reading

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Algorithmic Pricing Agents and Tacit Collusion: A Technological Perspective

Ashwin Ittoo, University of Liege – HEC Management School, and Nicolas Petit, University of Liege – School of Law; International Center for Law & Economics (ICLE); University of South Australia – School of Law offer discuss Algorithmic Pricing Agents and… … Continue reading

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