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How Does Spousal Support Work For Military Personnel?

Military personnel have special rules during divorce as compared to civilians. One of the rules decide how the pension gets divided for military members. The division depends on many factors. One of them is the state laws which may not … Continue reading

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The Transgender Military Personnel Fight Continues Amid Uncertainty

President Donald Trump announced late on Friday, March 23, that he favors disqualifying transgender persons with a history of gender dysphoria from the military except in “limited circumstances.” Hence, the legal fight for transgender military service will continue and considerable … Continue reading

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Carnival Investigates Security Personnel Involvement in Fights Aboard Carnival Legend

When you set out on a cruise, you expect that the security personnel aboard your ship are there to protect you. Unfortunately, in the wake of the violent episodes aboard the Carnival Legend, many are saying that this was not … Continue reading

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The Affair of the Sonic Weapons Attack: Weaponization From Where and How?; JAMA Preliminary Communication "Neurological Manifestations Among US Government Personnel Reporting Directional Audible and Sensory Phenomena in Havana, Cuba (15 Feb 2018)"

(Pix © Larry Catá Backer 2017)The Affair of the Sonic Weapons Attack continues to evolve.  Today the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published in line a "Preliminary Communication" of a study to be published: Neurological Manifestations Among US … Continue reading

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Concise Summaries of "The Discipline Book" and "Challenging Adverse Personnel Decisions"

CONCISE SUMMARIES OF THE CONTENTS OF THEThe Discipline BookA guide to disciplinary actions involving public officers and employees in New York State with end notes.For more information about this 458 page handbook, click on http://booklocker.com/books/5215.htmlA Reasonable Disciplinary Penalty Under the … Continue reading

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