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CFM Agrees to permit the use of PMA Parts and DER Repairs

Yes, you read that title correctly! As part of a settlement, CFM has agreed to permit MROs to use PMA parts and DER repairs, and they have agreed that they will no longer limit the overhaul of engines that have … Continue reading

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Fully Autonomous Car Testing Permit Applications Available Now

Fully Autonomous Car Testing Permit Applications Available March 2 I’m Ed Smith, a car accident lawyer in Sacramento. Beginning in April, Sacramento drivers may start to see fully autonomous driverless vehicles sharing the roads around the state. Although the new … Continue reading

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Tenth Circuit Takes Expansive View of the Definition of the Term “Mining,” Holding Wind Farm Project Needs Permit Prior to Commencement of Excavation in Tribal Mineral Estate

United States of America v. Osage Wind, LLC et al., 871 F.3d 1078 2017 WL 4109940 (10th Cir. Sept. 18, 2017). Causing heartburn for project applicants developing on tribal land, the Tenth Circuit reversed the District Court for the Northern District … Continue reading

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Ninth Circuit rules Clean Water Act permit required for indirect discharge to ocean waters

It was a great exam question (at least I thought so — you’ll have to ask my Environmental Law and Policy students if they agree): does the disposal of treated wastewater from a municipal wastewater treatment plant into the ground … Continue reading

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New Hawaii Lawsuit Challenging Open-Ocean Aquaculture Permit

An environmental group has brought a federal court lawsuit against various federal officials seeking to enjoin the issuance of permits to the Kona Blue Water Fish aquaculture operation. The complaint can be downloaded here. The complaint alleges that the issuance … Continue reading

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