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A resolution increasing a NYSHIP participating employer's contribution for health insurance premiums is temporary absent a manifest intent to create a permanent right

Noting that there was nothing in the language of the NYSHIP participating employer's 1976 policy addressing employer contributions towards employee and retiree health insurance premiums that would create private contractual rights, this decision points out that the rules and regulations … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Court Upholds Award of Permanent and Total Disability Benefits to Employee Injured in Psychiatric Ward Attack

Some work injuries are minor and heal over time, while others are more severe and can result in serious or even permanent disabilities. If your injury will leave you requiring medical care and other expenses well into the future, it … Continue reading

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NJ Senate Bill S-1858 Proposes to Implement a Permanent 2% Salary Cap on Police and Fire Interest Arbitration Awards

On Friday, February 9th, 2018, New Jersey State Senator Declan O’Scanlon introduced legislation that would reinstate New Jersey’s interest arbitration salary cap that limits two-percent (2%) annual salary increases that can be awarded when disputed police and fire contracts enter … Continue reading

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TSA makes air cargo security program permanent

by Sara M. Langston with the blog faculty Source: The Journal of Commerce Program requires 100 percent screening of cargo before loaded aboard aircraft The Transportation Security Administration issued its final rule on U.S. air cargo security regulations on Thursday, … Continue reading

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Blogging On Her Belly Dancing, Complete With Photos, Costs Allegedly Disabled Wife Permanent Alimony, Half of Her Short-Term Durational Spousal Support, Exclusive Use and Possession of the Marital Home and Husband's Attorney's Fees

New York Wife receives monthly alimony of $850. This spousal support award is based, at least in part, upon an alleged disability that purportedly prevents Wife from working. Husband, who is the one paying Wife the alimony, would, of course, … Continue reading

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