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6 month waiting period for divorce?

You might think a fast and affordable uncontested divorce in Illinois is going to be delayed by a 6-month waiting period. Maybe you hearing about this waiting period from a friend, or you saw something about it online. If you … Continue reading

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FDA is “Discouraged” by Dearth of HCT/P Manufacturers that have Reached Out to Agency During Enforcement Discretion Period

By Mark I. Schwartz — In November of 2017, FDA published its enforcement discretion policy regarding HCT/Ps that don’t meet all four criteria under 21 CFR 1271.10(a): To give manufacturers time to determine if they need to submit an IND … Continue reading

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FDA Solicits Feedback on Grace Period Timing for GUDID Submissions

By Rachael E. Hunt — On December 18, 2018, FDA opened a docket for public comment regarding its intention to shorten the grace period for Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) submissions from thirty days to seven days.  The grace … Continue reading

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Transition period under New York cybersecurity regulation ends March 1, 2019

The two-year transitional period under the New York State Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) Cybersecurity Regulation, 23 NYCRR 500 (the “Regulation”), will expire on March 1, 2019, with the final remaining requirement becoming effective. Entities covered by the Regulation that … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Lunch: Understanding California’s Meal Period Laws

Here are some fun facts about lunch. The origin of the word lunch (luncheon) comes from the anglo-saxon word, “nuncheon,” meaning “noon drink.” In Spanish, the word for lunch is almuerzo. In German, lunch is mittagessen. Hobbits call it Elevenses. … Continue reading

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