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What happens next for pending FTAs and our trade agenda after the election?

Andrew HudsonI write this article on 12 April 2019, shortly after the announcement of the Federal Budget and the announcement of the date for the Federal election. As expected, this period encompassed the usual claim and counter – claim between … Continue reading

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New Jersey Supreme Court rules that law enforcement must inform defendant of pending charges prior to obtaining waiver of right against self-incrimination.

By Matthew J. Troiano, Esq. On March 11, 2019, in State v. Vincenty, No. A-40-17(079978)(2019), the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that law enforcement violated the defendant’s right against self-incrimination when they failed to inform him of the charges filed … Continue reading

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When might you be required to preserve certain ESI beyond your routine record retention policy? When that ESI is the subject of pending litigation and a court determines that ESI is in danger of being destroyed pursuant to your policy.

Author: Sarah E. Hsu WilburCase Citation: Houston v. Coveny, No. 14-cv-6609, 2017 WL 972124 (W.D.N.Y. Mar. 3, 2017)Employee/Personnel/Employer implicated: Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS)eLesson Learned: A court can order an entity to suspend its routine record retention policy … Continue reading

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Charges Pending for Orlando Hit-and-Run Driver

A major step forward for one of the numerous hit-and-run accidents that remains unsolved within Florida took place this past week when troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol received a tip that led them to discovering a car that they … Continue reading

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District Court Denies Motion to Stay Pending Resolution of Dispositive Motion

In this patent infringement action, the defendant, Playmonster LLC (“Playmonster”), requested that the district court stay discovery during the pendency of its forthcoming dispositive motion. As part of its request, Playmonster contended that a dispositive motion “would be the most … Continue reading

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